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Hire from an established driving school

We know that your car may be unexpectedly off the road and you may be in need of an emergency driving instructor car hire whether it’s because you have a driving test and  don’t want to let your pupil down or your car is being repaired and you don’t want to upset your pupils and get backlogged.

Whatever the reason for your problem we have a solution to your needs for a driving school car in Leicester.

We operate 7 days a week and can arrange a hire car for you within a matter of hours ensuring as little earning potential time is lost for you.

For more information on our cars or to arrange your car hire today please feel free to get in contact with us.

Benefits of hiring with us

We can provide you a stress-free dual controlled car hire  from 7 days up to 24 months. There are many benefits in choosing 1st Dual Control Car Hire for your dual control car. We allow unlimited mileage . There is no strict contract to tie you into 1 year or two years we are very flexible, transparent and offer a genuine service to all our customers throughout the United Kingdom. All of our cars come with he-man dual controls fitted as standard and are regularly maintained, serviced and looked after. We are unlike many other driving instructor car leasing companies simply due to the fact that it is very easy and simple to hire one of our cars and our customer feedback shows that.
If you would like more information on hiring a car for short or long term periods then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you in any ways we can.



Dual Control Driving Instructor Car Rental

  • Avoid the problem of cancelled driving tests
  • Fewer re-arranged lessons
  • Minimise your potential loss of income
  • Ensure your pupils don’t go elsewhere.
  • Established Leicester based driving school
  • Covering the whole UK
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